Sharing a rental property with workmates

There can be a lot of advantages to sharing a house with workmates. You can save money by sharing lifts to work and you know that your workmates will be able to make the rent as you all get paid on the same day. Here are some tips to make sharing a rental property with workmates as stress-free as possible. 

Agree on boundaries

While you might feel like you know each other pretty well after working together for a while there may be some sides of your workmates that they only show out of work hours, including bringing home friends and romantic partners or playing music loudly at all hours. If there are some things that you want to make sure don't make it into work, then you should have an open conversation with your housemates about boundaries. You might like to agree that everyone can have some private time in the house each week or that you don't enter each other's rooms so that you have some boundaries. 

Split bills and chores fairly

Make sure that one person doesn't end up paying more of the bills or taking on more chores by having a transparent system of tracking the household jobs. You can use online tools such as google docs to set up a roster for any regular jobs that need doing, as well as tracking who has paid their share of each bill. If you all work a lot then you may prefer to pay for a cleaner to come in and clean the house regularly, but you still need to make sure that this is fair and all of the cleaning between services (such as washing dishes) gets done. 

Resolve differences or disputes at home

One of the risks of sharing a home with workmates is that any problems at home (or a work) can spill into the other area especially if you feel like you are seeing each other all the time and never get space.  Make a point to deal with any issues at home via a personal conversation, so that you don't end up damaging relationships with friends and co-workers. If one of you ends up moving out, let the real estate agent know quickly so that they can adjust any paperwork. 

Sharing a house with workmates can be a great way to save money and get housemates that you know that you already get along with. Why not contact a real estate agent to start exploring what kind of apartment you could afford with your co-workers?