3 Winning Tactics To Plan A Successful Auction On Your Property

If you have decided to sell your home via an auction, then you naturally have to make certain efforts to ensure it is as successful as possible – so that you end up getting more than your reserve price. Follow these winning tactics to plan a successful auction on your property for the best results. Make Sure You Choose A Conducive Season For Your Property Choosing the right season to host an action depends on several factors, including your neighbourhood and your home.

Sharing a rental property with workmates

There can be a lot of advantages to sharing a house with workmates. You can save money by sharing lifts to work and you know that your workmates will be able to make the rent as you all get paid on the same day. Here are some tips to make sharing a rental property with workmates as stress-free as possible.  Agree on boundaries While you might feel like you know each other pretty well after working together for a while there may be some sides of your workmates that they only show out of work hours, including bringing home friends and romantic partners or playing music loudly at all hours.

Buying Your First Home? How to Figure Out Bank Value in Relation to Market Value

If you're in the market to buy your first home, you may be learning a lot as you go along. You may understand that there are strategies in place that can help you to buy a property that is worth well more than your current assets may allow. However, you may be increasingly confused by the terminology and by the way that home values are calculated. If you're working with a bank to help you get the home of your dreams, you may wonder specifically how they have valued the property and why it does not appear to reflect its market value.

Why You Need to Think Twice before Choosing Your Settlement Agent

Did you know that your choice of settlement agent could be critical when you're in the market to buy a new property? This is particularly the case if you haven't done this before, because the entire process is involved and presents many potential pitfalls for the unwary. For many people, the purchase of a home is one of their most significant transactions and if not handled properly could result in the loss of a dream house.

Key Responsibilities of an Owners Corporation

If you thought that property development was the hard part of your construction project, think again! The hard part is managing that property. You have many tenants and clients to deal with, and they all come with various needs and demands when they occupy your property. This is why you should consider being a part of an owners corporation, a decision that will see you manage your property with ease and less stress.